Kelly Hall-Stafford Pounding Vodka, Sad Browns Fans & Mariota Titans Jersey

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NFL Playoff Probability

How big was that Eagles loss last night? Philly now has just a 41% probability of making the playoffs. The Cowboys, on the other hand, go to 84% and pretty much lock up the division. There are great races all over the place. The 5-8 Saints still have the best probability of winning the NFC South and playing a home playoff game. Then we have the Seahawks-Cardinals game next Sunday that will send the Cardinals into a Wild Card slot. Saints-Cardinals in the playoffs? The Bengals are in first for now with games against Denver and (at) Pittsburgh to close the year. Both games are must-wins. No pressure on Andy Dalton. I guess the last two weeks of the year will be interesting.

Golden Nugget upgrades

Prefer to slum it in downtown Vegas but don’t want to slum it too much? Here’s what the new Golden Nugget rooms look like.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Vegas betting market support for Johnny Manziel continues – opened as road favorite … currently -2

Never forget who keeps the electric on in Vegas.