Bills & Packers Fans In One Of The Drunkest Fan Fights In NFL History

Buffalo’s WIVB (CBS 4) had a camera rolling on Sunday when it appears some of the drunkest drunks to stumble out of Ralph Wilson decide it’s time to get it on. The station reports that the fight broke up before police arrived and it didn’t appear cops even bothered arresting anybody.
How could a cop arrest anyone for this? Bills fan is so drunk he can’t even land a clean shot on Rodgers. Fred Jackson is playing peacemaker. Can’t arrest him. Rodgers can barely stand up and just wants another beer.
Normally I wouldn’t even bother posting a shoving match, but this is #BillsMafia starting to feel it here in December. They’re sticking around until the end of emotional games. They’re drinking more than ever. They’re starting to walk around with swagger. This is great for the NFL. The league is better when drunk Bills fans are trying to throw punches.
The bad news: Buffalo is now on the road to Oakland and New England to close the year.
[Bills-Packers Fight  |  WIVB]

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