Chris Berman Has A George Costanza Wallet, Chelsa Messinger Reports

You might remember our old friend Chelsa Messinger from her days at an Alabama TV station where she first burst onto the scene as one of the next great sportscasters. She’s now at WINK in Fort Myers and married to Astros pitcher Jake Buchanan. They send fun stuff to BC from time to time. This week just happens to be one of those times and includes a meeting with Chris Berman at the Franklin Templeton Shootout pro-am where Boom went hand below the waistline on Chelsa.
So I started asking questions about the meeting with the legendary horndog.




This is exactly why we couldn’t be bigger supporters of Chelsa (and now Jake by default). How would we know that Berman has a Costanza wallet if Chelsa didn’t share this fun story about her time with Boom? It’s good to know there are still people out there who will share harmless, yet fun stories with the Internet. Everyone is so uptight these days that we rarely hear things like Berman rolling down the course making “BOOM” sounds.
I know we have media executives who visit BC. You know who you are, Houston TV execs. I gave you guys Terann Hilow. Now it’s time for one of you to get on the phone and hire Chelsa right now. She’s fun, doesn’t mind dropping a beach bikini photo here and there, has stories for days and her husband pitches every five days. Seems like a no-brainer.
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