Dancing Kurt Rambis Impersonator Steals Show at Lakers Game

Kurt Rambis

I’m not usually big on fans who dance wildly just so they can get themselves on the big screen, but there is always an exception.

For me, that exception is this super Kurt Rambis fan who was at the Lakers-Pelicans game. He’s 100 percent committed to his role as Rambis—donning the old school uniform (with short shorts), wig and glasses. The fanny pack is kind of random, but hey, Kurt has to keep his stuff somewhere. It’s not like those shorts have pockets.

Sheesh, that chick next to Rambis is not feeling his routine at all. Or maybe she was just pissed that she spent her night watching the Lakers lose by 17 next to some man in booty shorts.


[H/T to The Big Lead]