24 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Cam Newton's Truck Accident

By now you know that Cam Newton was involved in a two-vehicle accident near the Panthers facility in downtown Charlotte around noon today while he was driving his Dodge Ram truck. Of course there are like 400 sports sites writing the same story and providing the same details. They’re all at war to get your clicks. As you know, Busted does things a little differently. We bust out NSFW Black Dudes in these circumstances.
Cam is fine, so let the comedy flow.
Nothing wakes up NSFW Black Dudes around lunch like Cam’s truck rolled a couple times and hoaxsters saying he broke both legs. Not true at all. NSFW Black Dudes shot down that nasty rumor once photos of Cam smiling started to surface.
Name another sports site that will give you this kind of crash analysis. You can’t.

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