Bears Fan Stabbed 9 Times by Cowboys Fans in Parking Lot Fight

Idiots were out in full force at Thursday night’s Bears-Cowboys game.
We already told you about the Cowboys fan who was clocked for line jumping a bunch of Bears fans in the restroom. Now, according to the Chicago Tribune, there was a stabbing in the parking lot of Soldier Field after four Cowboys fans yelled “Bears suck”:

“The victims yelled back ‘Cowboys suck,’ ” and someone from the group of Cowboys fans threw beer into the eyes of one of the Bears fans, the report said. The Cowboys fans then jumped on the Bears fans and cut them, the report said.
A 22-year-old man was stabbed in the back nine times with an unknown object and the other Bears fan, 21, suffered a puncture wound near his upper right shoulder, police said.

Fortunately, it appears both men will make it out of this alive, which is amazing. Getting stabbed nine times isn’t something you usually make it back from (I assume).
I reaffirm my stance of exclusively watching NFL games in the comfort of my own home. HDTV, food delivery, no $12 beers and no drunken hooligans chomping at the bit to fight someone. It’s perfect.
One of the victims told the Chicago Tribune that they weren’t stabbed by Cowboys fans, but by fellow BEARS fans.
Why was there Bear on Bear violence? Well, the fan said something nice about the Packers:

“I was saying the Packers are awesome this year, why can’t I be born a Packers fan?”
The comment caught the attention of another man in the lot who stormed up. “I went to go shake hands but as soon as I did, his buddy came up and threw beer at my head,’’ the man said.

He adds that he was blinded by the beer as three fans pounced on his friend:

Three friends of the man who go angry “shanked” his friend eight or nine times in the back, he said. “I guess they piled on him and I just ran around in circles. . .I couldn’t see. Three of his buddies attacked my one buddy.”

So yeah … still want to go to an NFL game? These days you can’t even be sure about people supporting the same team as you.
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