Celtics Broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn Loses it After Offensive Foul Call

Tommy Heinsohn

Boston Celtics broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn is known for his intense homerism while calling games. Basically, if you’re looking for some nonpartisan analysis during a C’s game, you might as well mute the TV.

During the fourth quarter of the Celtics-Bulls contest on Friday, Heinsohn was up to his usual tricks, adding another clip to go on a future compilation video after an offensive foul call on forward Jared Sullinger. He found it TERRRIBLEEEEEE!

People on Twitter reacted with their usual snark:

Tommy Heinsohn Tommy Heinsohn Tommy Heinsohn Tommy Heinsohn

Of course, the Celtics ended up losing 109-102, scoring just 11 points in a lackluster fourth quarter.

Need more of Tommy flipping out? Then here is eight minutes of unabashed Celtics love:


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