Freddie Freeman Already Whipped, UK Chick Is Thirsty & Bama Rednecks

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Thanksgiving Eve

From Urban Dictionary: “The day before Thankgiving, always on a Wednesday. The day you get to f*ck your highschool ex, see who lost their hot body, see who reinvented themselves in college.” That’s a good definition if you’re still in college. That reminds me — never leave college. Trust me, that will be the best advice you’ll ever receive in life. You hit 30 and Thanksgiving Eve is a night to rest for the three-day drunk run you’re about to go on. 30+ and you go hard Thursday, Friday & then balls to the walls on college football rival Saturday. Sunday comes around and you hang Christmas lights, put up the tree with your girlfriend/wife and try to act like you don’t want to watch NFL games. Laugh all you want, college bro. Your ass is headed for this life.

Gambling at Foxwoods

Remember when you went to casinos to gamble? Foxwoods is clearing out slots and table games for clubs and attractions. The struggle is real in the casino business.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Vegas says Florida St should NOT be in playoffs. #5 TCU and #7 Baylor would both be clearly favored over the Seminoles