Fitness Instructor Gives Lap Dances At Tennessee Tailgate

Apparently out in Tennessee there lives an awesome fitness instructor named Jessica, a.k.a. “Dance Fitness with Jessica.”
She is a smoking hot mom of three and offers classes and DVD’s to help people meet their fitness goals. An excerpt from her website:

If you are looking for fun fitness workouts and are in the Knoxville area, Dance Fitness with Jessica is perfect for you! Dancing with Jessica is an exciting, fun, enjoyable way to workout. It has been well proven that Dance is amazing cardio exercise plus a full body workout…Now just add Jessica’s energy, motivation & fast paced routines and you are on your way to shedding some weight while having fun. “Let’s get it!”

But when Jessica isn’t being all motivational, she takes her talents to the University of Tennessee campus and gives out insane lap dances. I am talking legit riding folks, it’s basically softcore porn with clothes on.
That sound you hear is a bunch of simultaneous mouse clicks made by dudes signing up for her classes.



[Photos via Dance Fitness With Jessica- Instagram]

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