Sydney Esiason Hired By

Sydney Esiason Reporter


Sydney Esiason, who is still dating Islanders winger Matt Martin, has been hired by as a game highlights reporter, or something like that (it probably won’t take long for the job to evolve into TV work). Esiason made her debut Thursday night by reading Bruins-Blue Jackets highlights.

It’s a start.

Longtime BC readers will remember that Syds got her start in the TV business via guest appearances on the Boomer and Carton show. Dad and Craig seasoned her on the business and she went about her studies at Boston College.

Look, she’s not going to be reading game highlights very long. Sydney is destined for one of the big four stations as talent. You give her one season at doing all sorts of things, including some sideline reporting and let the bidding war begin.


Famous blood lines…check.

Comfortable in front of a camera…check.

Something tells me NBC needs to make a major run at Esiason. Find a way to fit her into the coverage, have her do the human interest Erin Andrews-esque interviews and see what happens.

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