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NFL Playoff Probability

Watch the Packers roll right into the best record in the NFC and grab home-field advantage. The Cardinals still have to play the Chiefs, Seahawks (again) and the 49ers to end the season. Green Bay suddenly has a 17% probability of playing in the Super Bowl. The Patriots are up to 38% for the Super Bowl. How bad is the NFC South? The 4-6 Saints have a 58% probability of making the playoffs. The Lions, who have lost two in a row, are sinking fast. They still have a 69% probability of making the playoffs, but that’s just going to lead to a Wild Card and a first round loss to the 49ers.

Thanksgiving Football

Look at this schedule: Bears-Lions are the early game, followed by Eagles-Cowboys and Thanksgiving is finished off with Seahawks-49ers. That might be the best schedule in Thanksgiving history.

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Kentucky: 28 points allowed is fewest for Wildcats since allowing 11 to Cincinnati on Dec. 20, 1983 (fewest allowed in the shot-clock era)

The Wildcats beat Memphis 86-28 on Sunday.