Best Of NBA Ugly Sweaters

As a California native, I’ve never really been exposed to the concept of seasons. Sure it gets “cold” and rains like every seven months, but that doesn’t count. So you can only imagine my surprise at the realization that Thanksgiving is like literally around the damn corner. Then Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever—meaning people all around the states will be subjected to the horrors of the ugly sweater holiday party. I mean other than traffic, buying gifts, and awful people in airports, this is as bad as it gets.
But thanks to CLARKtoys and you can get drunk off eggnog in “style” with team (or player) specific sweaters. Just look at this Lakers sweater ($60):

My personal favorite has to be this Chris Paul sweater, because nothing says the holidays like palm trees.

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Shane Battier Shatters Eardrums Singing Billy Joel [VIDEO]
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