Buy A 24-Karat Gold Mini Basketball Rim For $995 — $300 Leather Ball Not Included

You know how some people splurge multiple paychecks on that one grail piece they just must have? For some it’s a legit leather jacket (get that faux leather shit out of here), an F.P. Journe watch, or some fancy suit. But for me, it’s all about reliving my glory days as a Nerf Hall of Famer, which makes my ultimate buy this $995 24-karat gold mini basketball rim:


This piece of art is sold by Killspencer, a leather goods store located in trendy, hipstery, and kind of overrated Silver Lake, CA.

The item description—in the off chance you’re still not sold by a GOLD RIM:

MADE IN U.S.A. : Every single one of our products is made to order in our Los Angeles Workshop by a small teams of passionate master craftsmen + women.

DETAILS : Transform your home or office with our Indoor Mini Basketball Kit.  Our Indoor Mini Basketball Kit ‘Special Edition’ has a 24-Karat ‘Conflict Free’ gold plated breakaway rim, mounted on a matte black maple backboard, featuring a black leather net with gold foil skirt. The ‘Classic Edition’ has a powder-coated black metal breakaway rim, mounted on a matte black and natural maple backboard, with a black leather KILLSPENCER® stamped net. Both attach to a wall using a cleat system assembly. Install and secure one cleat to the wall, then lock in place the backboard to the bracket.

Now the downside is that there is no ball included with the hoop, but don’t worry, Killspencer has got our backs with a $300 leather ball (or $375 for perforated leather).


At the end of the day, you’re only looking at dropping $1,370—not including taxes and shipping—if you go with the gold rim plus perforated ball.

A small price to pay to relive your youth and join rarefied company. Because really, the target demo for this product has to be like Drake and the Steve Ballmer’s of the world.