John Rocker Goes On Another Race-Fueled Rant

It’s Veteran’s Day, so what better way to spend it than reading about what former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker has been up to since threatening people on “Survivor?”


Well, the 40-year-old has been spewing his usual Rocker-crap on the conservative website World Net Daily, something he’s somehow been doing for years!

He’s blasted President Barack Obama for his “failure” to control Ebola and even compared Ferguson protesters to a poster from the AMC series, “The Walking Dead.” Yeah, I guess it makes sense that a site would allow this guy to go off on his tangents—it’s kind of hard to ignore what a former professional athlete-racist has to say.

His latest venture—talking race like it’s a Hail Mary pass:

Fourth down and 20 from their own 10-yard line as time is running out. The game seems to be lost; any further effort would appear futile. But then the ball is snapped; the left-wing quarterback drops back to pass in one final gasping effort and flings the race card far down the field. It’s a long shot, but it’s the only shot they’ve got. As it flies threw the air, the spectators watch from the edges of their seats. Surely, after four quarters of consistent defeat they will not emerge victorious on this one final desperate play. But we all know the outcome.

Enjoy it while you can liberals! If Rocker’s right (probably not), that ole play of flinging the race card downfield to win the game is on its way out:

Slowly but surely, the race card seems to be wearing out its welcome – and not just in circles where it has been a point of unanimous irritation for decades…

Signs are starting to suggest, however, that a wave is beginning to appear at a grass-roots level within minority communities, and a realization is starting to occur. Some individuals in these communities, albeit it at a slow and gradual pace, are beginning to understand that for decades they have been nothing more than pawns for power by the Democratic left and the crux on which the ace in the hole race card is constantly played.

Boom, you heard it from Rocker first: “The game is changing” and only the weak will remain pawns for the big bad Left.


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