Chipper Jones & Playboy-Posing Fiancee Taylor Higgins Wedding Registry



Chipper Jones and Taylor Higgins, better known as the University of Kentucky cheerleader turned Playboy cam model, are getting married in June 2015, according to a wedding registry listed at Bed, Bath & Beyond. For Higgins, it’s still one of the great ascensions in Playboy cam model history. You go from making cam videos to marrying a guy who made $168,552,133 during his MLB career.

You go from living a normal life posing for grungy dudes on cam videos to flying around the country on a private jet when Larry needs to be somewhere. Taylor Higgins hit the motherlode.

Chipper, who has had his documented issues with women, is now 42 and seems ready to make this his forever wife. You’d think he’d have one of everything and wouldn’t need gifts at another wedding. That’s not the case. Tay Tay and Chip have a registry at BB & Beyond that includes: antler burlap placemats, a $45 Crock-Pot, a $350 mixer and a $15 candle holder.

I think I’m going to sit this one out. I’ll probably buy something in May just to make sure these two last until the wedding.