Alabama Fan Finally Got Her Tebow Personalized License Plates



Meet Alabama fan Kimberly Moss and her Tebow personalized license plate. Kim has been tweeting out today that her beloved license plate finally arrived and she just wants someone to take notice. We’re here for you, Kim. You’re about to get posted on several dozen blogs because of how ridiculous it seems for an Alabama fan to have a Tebow license plate.

Kim even sent out a tweet to Good Morning America figuring they need a good story.

So excited to get my new car tag!! Hoping this will make my wish come true to meet

I hope Kim knows what she’s doing here. Something tells me this isn’t going to go over very well with Bama fans in Birmingham where Kim lives. It’s only going to take one drunk angry Bama fan to see that plate and set Kim’s car on fire. She seems like a very nice lady who just happens to like the Virgin and isn’t trying to troll Bama fans.

That said, I’ll put $100 on the moneyline that something happens before she’s due for a new sticker in July 2015.

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