Charlotte McKinney Vs. White Shirt, Ravens Cheerleader Hurt & Peyton’s Punk Move

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I can’t think of a better way to spend a Monday night than with a Panthers-Eagles Monday night game where Gruden will lust over both Cam Newton and Mark Sanchez. It should be a fun night of cliches and superlatives. Buckle up. There’s also a doubleheader from the NBA. I hate to say it, but you might want to take a night off and pretend you’re into whatever your girlfriend or wife wants to watch. Act like you really want to watch Dancing With The Stars. It’ll pay off down the road. Trust me.


Charlotte McKinney in jeans & white t-shirt

Ravens cheerleader injured, carted off field

Dez Bryant’s $61k watch

LSU students chanting ‘F You Saban’

Notre Dame ball boy gets destroyed by ref

Rent Pat Riley’s Malibu beach homes; $18.5k/mo. or $16.5k/mo.

If NFL Logos Were Potheads

Trust Me: Emily Bruhn

Peyton Manning Punk Move of the Weekend

Sandwich of the Day

Picture 2

Lisa Ann Calls Out Del Zotto AGAIN!, More Of Klay Thompson’s Girlfriend & Jameis Shaved Points?
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