BC Review: PUNK wireless speaker by sol republic


It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling. It’s getting cold. Kentucky, the NBA’s top farm team, is pre-season college basketball #1. And that means the holidays are around the corner. Time to think of gift ideas. So when the folks at SOL Republic asked us to look at their wireless speaker, the PUNK, we said “absolutely, send one over.” After all, this time of year is about giving, right? Just ask Tony Romo. He gives away wins all December long.


SOL REPUBLIC Punk wireless speaker 

What the hell is it?

The PUNK, by Sol Republic Instagram@solrepublic, is a small 5.7w Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker. And I mean small. It fits in the palm of your hand. It’s water, dust, and shock resistant, has a threaded mount for attaching to bikes/boats/whatever, has an 8 hour battery life and a 60 ft wireless range. And the sound is surprisingly good for its size – a decent balance between bass, mid, and treble.

Yeah, but do I really need it?

If you need a wireless speaker that’s small and portable but loud and clear enough to hear in small settings, you’ll probably be happy with the PUNK.

Will chicks dig it?

Yes, especially if you use it to play “All About That Bass” or “Shake It Off” — two songs which every chick loves (admittedly or secretly). And you can bring it along on dates if you need some music to set the mood (NOTE: Busted Coverage recommends Journey’s “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’” for mood-setting).

Easy to use?

Yes. I opened the box, read the simple Instructions, turned on the device, let it sink with my phone, and turned on some music. It played instantly. I’m 77% confident that nearly everyone can operate it, except of course those who went to a SEC school.


Small and portable, rugged, pretty good sound. At $69.99, it’s not the cheapest wireless speaker on the market, but overall seems like a good buy – and a great holiday gift idea.