Staring At Jenny Dell, LeBron Playing Defense & Jessica Biel Pre-Prenancy

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HERE WE GO! Browns-Bengals. The first meaningful game between these two since the 1980s. Most of you weren’t even alive, or if you were alive, you weren’t old enough to know how bad these franchises hated each other during that decade. Bengals fans thought Kosar was a huge pussy and Browns fans were jealous that the Bengals sniffed two Super Bowl trophies. You might remember Sam Wyche getting on the PA system and saying “You don’t live in Cleveland.” Or you can watch more worthless NBA games. Oh, and Clemson is at Wake Forest. Go with the NFL game.


Caught staring at CBS sideline reporter Jenny Dell

Starlin Castro’s off-road ATV machine (Maddon will love it)

ESPN GameDay script as imagined by Buckeyes fan

LOLOLOLOL — LeBron playing defense

LOOK: “Stark Vegas” … lit up in Vegas

NY papers destroying the Jets

Hottest IG Model Ever From Delta State

Jessica Biel bikini action pre-pregnancy

Cavs Playing Defense GIF of the Day


DE-FENSE (clap clap)

— Scott @ WFNY (@WFNYScott) November 6, 2014

Sandwich Porn of the Day

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