Lions TE Jordan Thompson’s Stairs Costume Is A Tribute To Joseph Fauria


Remember when Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria sprained his ankle because he was trying to stop his dog—who has its own Instagram account—from pissing all over his apartment?

Oh, what’s that, you don’t recall this important piece of news?

Well his teammate Jordan Thompson certainly remembered, donning the cumbersome, yet brilliant costume pictured above. He even paid attention to detail, including a replica Siberian Husky to pay homage to Lil’ Rufio.

Fauria’s response:

Thought it would be an innocent costume party with friends and teammates! But Jordan Thompson took it to another level dressing up as me…I was mad, but only for a second. Touché my man. Ya got me!

Big Joe has not seen game action since Week 3, but he has kept busy updating his dog’s Instagram.



[Photos via Joseph Fauria and Lil’ Rufio- Instagram]