LeBron Rejected By White Guy, White Guy Runs The Court….AND DUNKS!


When was the last time you saw something like this happen to LeBron? I watch like seven NBA games a year so maybe one of you NBA geniuses can step in and help me. I checked Twitter and nobody seemed to know the last time a white guy stuffed LeBron, ran the court and then dunked.

This shouldn’t be happening. Was this guy on some sort of HGH that helped him dominate flaky dudes like Gordon Hayward, as some are suggesting?

I don’t know what the hell is going on, but Gordon f-ing Hayward should not be stuffing King. I could see, in years past, Hayward cheating and stuffing LeBron. It’s like LeBron doesn’t have the strength he used to have to jam the ball in a guy’s face while other guys are hanging on him.

All I know is that the Cavs are 1-3 and LeBron is not looking like LeBron.

This was from the other nigh in Portland: