Reggie Bush's Wife Is Back with A New Exercise GIF

You have to respect Reggie Bush and how he runs a household. He had that whole thing about how he wouldn’t have any problem “harshly” disciplining his 1-year-old daughter. And then there is his wife Lilit. She has one job, it seems. Just keep your ass in shape and Reggie will have no problem providing for the family. That’s her job. Seriously, I’ve never actually seen her doing a job, even household things. Sure, there’s a dinner here and there on IG, but it’s not like she’s busting her ass cleaning the toilets…that I know of.
That’s just Reggie being Reggie.
He puts his body and brain on the line and just asks that his women at home don’t give him any issues. Reg is working under a 4-year, $16 million deal with the Lions so he doesn’t need Lilit out working at some hourly job. He needs her ass in the gym staying hot.
The new video you see above is quite different from the regular Lilit workouts. She’s usually doing some sort of squat. Guess it was abs day.
[Reggie Bush’s Wife on Instagram]

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