Sexy Snapchat Halloween Costumes, Homie Sues Shaq Over IG Mocking & Oklahoma Redneck of the Year


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Are we ready for a night of TV like this? Have you even looked at the schedule for tonight. Here we go: LeBron returns home; Jameis is on the road in Louisville for his last hurdle; Saints-Panthers; Troy at Georgia Southern; Kings at Penguins on NHL Network. Where do you even start? It pains me to say it, but you have to knock the NFL off your schedule. LeBron has to be at the top. There’s just so much drama there. Then you have to be very aware of what’s at stake in Louisville. Tell your wife/GF you’re going to the bar. The weekend starts tonight at 5.


Snapchat Halloween Costume Selfies

DAL RB asked cop for massage after being arrested

Please look at this: Oklahoma State Fair Redneck of the Year – 2014

Homie files lawsuit on Shaq for mocking THIS IG selfie

FSU crab drama in Louisville; Where did Noles eat?

Barry Bonds celebrates with S.F. fans like he just won W.S.

Colleen Shannon, in a bikini, looks like she needs AAA roadside service

Trust Me: Rachel Hilbert

Bicycle Kick For BC Soccer Nerds Video of the Day

Sandwich Porn of the Day

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