Refrigerator Perry Needs $26,000 To Save His House



Refrigerator Perry is rarely spotted in the media or public so you know this story about the Bears legend about to lose his South Carolina house is a big deal. Owing $26,000 in back taxes and having signed over the house to his estranged wife, it doesn’t look like Fridge can save a place that has been ransacked by thieves and seems to be in a state of disrepair.

And it doesn’t appear Fridge is in any shape to be fixing up a house.

So why hasn’t someone stepped in? Where is the “Save Fridge’s House” Indiegogo page where Bears fans can donate $20 to get the big guy back to where he’s happy? Let’s get HGTV or one of those home repair shows to step in and do a renovation. Surely something can be done to get Fridge back home.

The guy has had a rough life after football. Now 51, Fridge has fought alcoholism and, as of 2011, he needed help getting out of bed and only left a chair to use the bathroom.

This was from 2011:

His day consists of watching television and eating three or four meals prepared by his heart-broken wife, Valerie. She nags him to exercise, but says she gets “cussed out” for it. She bugs him to take his medication but says she gets ignored over it. Her new trick, just to get him on his feet, is to tell him he has to come to the kitchen to eat his lunch. That’s her best way to get “The Refrigerator” to walk near the refrigerator.

Of course, then when she least expects it, her husband will hobble out the door and into his car. She knows exactly where he’s headed: to the liquor store.

The $26,000 tax bill has to be paid by 5 p.m. on November 5. The house in question is 7,770 sq. ft. so there will be a whole lotta renovations. Raise money accordingly.

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