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Playoff Probabilities

How big was that loss last night for the Packers? At 5-3, they now have just a 56% probability of making the playoffs. Detroit, on the other hand, now has a 81% probability of making it and…wait for it…a 13% probability of playing in the Super Bowl. The Cardinals, thanks to Carson Palmer’s bomb to John Brown for the game-winner, has them at 90% to make the playoffs. Bills (5-3) fans can start to get nervous. They’re about to play meaningful football in late November and early December. I have my eyes on a November 30 showdown at home with the Browns. This might be the Holy Grail of fucked up fans…and obviously it could snow. I’m starting to make plans now.

GameDay Morgantown

Listen, if you’re within 4 hours of Morgantown, get your ass down to West Virginia for GameDay on Saturday. Trust me. I have prior plans or I’d be driving down. It’s just one of those environments you need to experience. The only disappointing part of the stop is that there wasn’t nearly enough drinking around the set. ESPN puts the stage outside the student union so booze is kinda frowned upon in that area.

Numbers from @CollegeGameDay:

Two teams in last 20 yrs beat a Top-3 opponent scoring 10 pts or fewer: 2011 LSU at No. 2 Alabama (9-6) 2014 LSU vs No. 3 Ole Miss (10-7)