Chad Pennington Jets Fan Absolutely Unloads Massive KO On T.O. Bills Fan



I think T.O. got all of that one from Pennington. Do Jets fans really have any other reason to show up to MetLife other than to KO opposing fans? I’d say no.

And what’s up with the Bills fans just sitting there while their fellow fan is hunched? At least help the guy to a seat so he can sleep this one off.

The Chad Pennington fan was later identified and arrested, according to PIX11:

That fan – identified by authorities as 34-year-old Christopher Fox of Peekskill, N.Y. – attempted to flee the stands but was immediately apprehended by state troopers.

New Jersey State Police tell PIX11 News Fox was arrested and charged with simple assault.

His immediate arrest is credited to Metlife’s state-of-the-art surveillance system which features a mega-pixel system that provides undisrupted video coverage throughout every part of the venue.

Chris now faces an assault charge and the Jets are 1-7. Hope it was all worth it, Pennington bro.