Greg Oden Playing Pickup Basketball At Ohio State Student Rec Center

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Greg Oden still has a pending felony battery charge hanging over his head (trial starts November 19), but that hasn’t stopped the 7-footer from staying in game shape in case some dumb NBA franchise wants to tank and hires GO to help them tank. Greg, in his Heat gear, was spotted this week at the Ohio State student rec center hooping with scrubs.

Still just 26, Oden doesn’t really have much to do these days besides pass time to see what happens in court when he answers for smashing his girlfriend’s face after a night of drinking.


The woman suffered a broken nose, a swollen eye and a laceration on her forehead after being punched at least three times in the face, according to police and court documents.

As for the pickup basketball, it still has to be pretty cool to play with a guy who has 105 NBA games on his resume. No matter what he’s facing in court, I’d have no issue picking up Oden to dominate a few games at the rec center. Sounds like fun.

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