Dad Whips Some Young Punk's Ass At Clippers-Suns Preseason Game

How many more times do I need to say it? If you’re going to get into an arena or stadium fight, you better have the reach advantage or your ass is in for a long night icing down a fat eye. So here’s another example of that from a Clippers-Suns preseason game. Young guy (is that Barstool Big Cat?) figures it would be a good idea to throw at dad. Look at that reach advantage.
Game. Fucking. Over.
And dad used to whip some ass back in the day at Arizona State. You can just tell by how he pins the young punk in the seat and goes ground and pound on his head. That’s experience right there. That’s a dad who reads the paper and doesn’t want fucked with after work. That’s a dad who doesn’t think it’s fucking cute when you drink all his expensive vodka without replacing it while he’s in Vegas fucking up a craps table.
Lesson learned young punk. Talk shit long enough and dad is going to put down his newspaper and beat your ass.

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