Guy Wearing Nick Foles Shirt Uses Woman’s Stolen Credit Card At Grocery



What more can I say here? Guy wearing Nick Foles shirt uses stolen credit cards at a Giant supermarket in Wayne, PA. Cops are hunting for the guy. According to the map, the grocery store is near the Villanova neighborhood, so be on the lookout for a guy wearing a Foles shirt and you might be getting a reward.

The thief went nearly 35 miles to use the card. Newtown is in the northern suburbs of Philly.

I never understand the thinking of a thief. You use a stolen credit card while wearing a Nick Foles shirt? Do you not realize that all your buddies know you own that shirt? It doesn’t help that the store camera has your ass pegged, but then you add the Foles to the mix and this case should be over once this hits the Philly blogs.

The guy is probably a reader.

[via @jdbfirenews]