Robert Nkemdiche Hitting A Bong?



Nothing gets SEC fans excited like trying to get an opposing player in trouble for something like smoking a little weed. The latest victim is Ole Miss and Robert Nkemdiche. It seems that Tennessee fans are trying to get the defensive line stud in trouble over a Snapchat bong rip photo that sure looks like Robert (via tat comparisons).

Tennessee travels to Oxford for HOMECOMING(!) on Saturday night and gets to deal with this beast who is on a two-week reign of terror on SEC offensive lines.

Dumb, dumb move from Vols fan, but it shouldn’t come as a shock that these people are that dumb.

Have any further intel? Let me know.





Vols fan:


Vols fan:

Vols fan:

You get the idea. The Vols are 16.5-point underdogs and have wins over Utah State, Arkansas State and Chattanooga.

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