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Full disclosure: I’m a Red Bull junkie. I drink it when I’m partying, when I’m hung over, and even when I’m not partying or hung over (which happens, occasionally). So when asked to cover the Red Bull Dreamline BMX contest in Asheville, NC, I was on it like taurine on a hangover (see what I did there?).


Red Bull [Instagram] puts on action sports events throughout the year like cliff diving, air races, and big wave surfing. The vision for Dreamline was to have a BMX contest on a dirt track “dream” course with a “line” of huge jumps (hence the name), invite the best riders in the world and let them “jam” on the course and then judge each other on who was the best. An event “by riders for riders.”

For fans, it’s a chance to drink free Red Bull and watch crazy BMX bike riding and jumping.


Dreamline is like golf (and bull riding) in that the excitement is as much about the course as the riders. This year’s course, built by master builder Adam Aloise, was on the Oskar Blues REEB Ranch in Asheville, NC (a tree-hugging city in the mountains of western NC that arrogantly and misleadingly claims to be Beer City, USA – no, that’s St. Louis!).

The course was, as they say, mental. It was ¼ mile long (about 3 football fields), with 10 jumps, 30+ feet gaps between jumps and landings, riding speeds of 35 mph, and jump heights of 40 feet in the air. Think about that. 40 feet in the air. On a bike. And having to nail the landing or else. The riders themselves were even in awe.

Winner Ryan Nyquist:

“It was scary, I’m not going to lie. Everything was so big and high-speed, if you messed up or you overshot, or especially if you didn’t clear it, you got punished. It was a wild ride.”

Mike “Hucker” Clark:

I’m just happy to be alive, cuz these jumps are big and really gnarly.”

Upper course


After a round of prelims on Friday, 12 riders were selected for the final on Saturday. The final is a lengthy “jam” session where the riders do whatever they want for 2 hours while riders who didn’t make the finals watch and judge them.

I imagine the final judging conversation went something like this:

“Bro, it’s goooootta be Nyquist. He was mental today! A 270 barspin and 270 one-handed x-up on the shark fin?! Whoa. And he nailed that 360 suicide no-hander to late barspin! Dude. Sick. Totes.”

winners podium


32 were invited to ride, 12 made the finals, and 3 earned top honors: Kyle Baldock from Australia got 3rd, James Foster from Redlands, CA won 2nd, and veteran rider Ryan Nyquist from Santa Cruz, CA took home the gold.

The “Rider You Most Want to Party With” award definitely went to Mike “Hucker” Clark from Huntington Beach, CA.

Hucker is famous for his colorful personality (his Instagram page notes that he specializes in “Living!” With an exclamation point!), his sweet moustache (disappointingly, shaved for Dreamline), and his support of “MILF Mondays.” Keep fighting the good fight, Hucker! Viva MILF Mondays!

Mike Hucker Clark - Portrait

Mike “Hucker” Clark


Dreamline is like an outdoor festival. It was outside (duh), on a mountain, there was music blasting, beer and Red Bull were flowing, food trucks were selling sandwiches, and the fans had that “I’m at a festival!” look…outside party clothes (including mandatory mesh trucker hat), drink in hand, big goofy smile.

And Dreamline isn’t just for 12-22 year old dudes wearing Vans. There were those, of course, but there were also old hippies in tie-dyes, middle-aged alternative women driving Subarus with kayaks on top, families with little kids (wearing little Vans), and a bunch of dogs (see “old hippies”).

Red Bull was free and plentiful, available in “Help Yourself” bins and handed out by hot Red Bull girls with awesome cooler backpacks. NOTE TO RED BULL: Busted Coverage would love to provide your brand with more exposure by wearing these everywhere we go. Send 2 today! And Oskar Blues sold a ton of beer. A good time was had by all — including these 2 bros.



Everyone who’s into BMX is totally stoked about Dreamline. The contest is rad. The course is mental. The jumps are sick.  It’s a BMX event like no other because of the course, the format, and the festival-like atmosphere.

And the riders certainly didn’t disappoint. They had a “f— it, let’s go for it” attitude — jumping high, doing tricks, trying out crazy new stuff, crashing, laughing, giving high-fives to the crowd.

For these reasons, it’s a great BMX event to watch – which may be why Red Bull sold all 3000 tickets in the first 24 hours. I even met a group of fans who drove all night (18 hours) from Dallas to watch the 2 hour final on Saturday (for you quant geeks, that’s a 9:1 cost:benefit ratio).

I wasn’t a huge BMX guy going into this. I’ve never even seen the 80s flick, “Rad.” But I admit that the Red Bull Dreamline was pretty rad. I was stoked. It was sick.

The highlights definitely were the riding and the free Red Bull. FREE RED BULL! I’M STILL PUMPED! WHEN WILL THIS WEAR OFF, BECAUSE I’VE BEEN AWAKE FOR 71 HOURS?!

It’s impressive how high the riders jump, and then do tricks – upside down back flips, 360 spins, “supermans” where they let go of the bike and fly horizontally. Riding in the Dreamline certainly takes skill, athleticism, and creativity.

And giant cojones.


You can watch the full-length broadcast of Red Bull Dreamline 2014 on NBC on Saturday, Nov. 8 at 5 pm ET, which airs as part of the Red Bull Signature Series. For more information, check out www.redbullsignatureseries.com

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