Hottest NHL Ice Girls


Men are easy to entertain. That is a fact. Women, on the other hand, need depth, background stories, and comparison charts. Not men. Just stick something sexy on a beautiful woman and we will literally do anything she tells us to short of killing someone. (Even then, if she is hot enough, it might take us a moment to say no.)
So when the NHL introduced us to Ice Girls, our satellites pointed towards the sky. Of course we are going to love this idea. The NHL has beautiful women skating around in skimpy outfits cleaning the ice between periods and during breaks. How is that a bad thing?
The Philadelphia Flyers tried to get rid of the Ice Girls and replace them with 12 dudes. Needless to say, the guys were booed off the ice and as of this week, the Flyers have brought them back. Even if only for a few games.
Here is the Hottest Ice Girls of the NHL. Enjoy.

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