Meet Rickie Fowler's Girlfriend & Former ASU Bikini Model Alexis Randock

Rickie Fowler broke the hearts of golf cleat chasers this afternoon when he dropped a #WCW on his girlfriend Alexis Randock, via @RickieFowlerPGA. There’s no more information needed — it’s his girlfriend. After a quick investigation, I figured out that I recognized Randock’s name from her days working as a bikini model for Tempe12, the Arizona State calendar that was pretty popular from 2007-2011 or so. She appeared on the 2010 calendar.
Now Randock is a model represented by the Wilhelmina agency, which represents pretty much every hot chick you follow on Instagram. From looking through Randock’s Insty account, it appears she’s just been doing the hot chick thing this year: travel, beaches, food, booze, basketball games, dating the 10th ranked golfer in the world.
Tough life.

WAGs of the 2014 MLB Playoffs
WAGs of the 2014 MLB Playoffs
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