Houston Texans Freestyle Friday GIF of the Week — Hispanic Heritage Edition

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that BC was starting a Texans Cheerleader Freestyle Friday GIF of the Week. The idea was to recognize one of the freestylers for turning in an incredible performance and to give those of you at work a chance to watch some of the action without getting fired after the IT department freaked out over bandwidth usage. I remember how it was to work in an office. Some IT nerd was always complaining about watching videos on work computers.
Keys to winning Freestyle Friday Dance of the Week include:
• Hair whipping
• Creativity with the hair whipping
• Props
• Acrobatics
• Effort level
It’s not hard to see why we picked this trio of Texans cheerleaders for the GIF of the week. They’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage at a Mexican restaurant and went with a sombrero (prop so no hair whipping; that’s fine) and what looks like an Irish jig.
Great job, ladies.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LH926UEAZk]

NFL Cheerleaders Of Week 3
NFL Cheerleaders Of Week 3
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