Ray Lewis Grabbing Suzy Kolber, 69 Jerseys & Peyton Manning Superfan At Kroger

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J-E-T-S’ Offense:

What happens when a team enters the opposing red zone six times and only scores once? You lose 27-19 to the Bears. The Jets, at 1-2, now have a 20% probability of making the playoffs.

Derek Jeter Cash Grab Tour Update:

The NY Post reports that Jeter held court Monday with fans at a midtown Manhattan theater. The entrance price for fans wanting to get a photo and listen to a half-hour chat was in the four-figures. Guess who put the whole thing together? Steiner Sports. Remember how Jeter was supposed to be this recluse who never made himself available to the public? Yeah, until Steiner tells him how much money he’ll make off the appearance. People bash Pete Rose for signing autographs in a casino mall. At least the guy doesn’t hide the fact that he really, really wants your money. Jeter plays the “aww, shucks, I’m retiring so I better give the fans one final chance to see me alive before I fade away into obscurity,” card. Jeter wants your money just as bad as Pete Rose.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Bears: Won 15 straight games they’ve led at halftime (NFL’s longest active streak)