Greg Oden, Out Of Jail On Bond, Was A Groomsman At A Wedding This Weekend

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Greg Oden finally came out of hiding over the weekend and wasted little time making a big splash. The guy went from being silent and holed up after his August arrest for domestic violence to being a groomsman in one of his Indiana boy’s wedding. Oden will go to trial on November 19 to face a felony battery charge after roughing up his ex-girlfriend, possibly breaking her nose after allegedly landing three punches to her face.

But, out on bond, the guy can live his life. So he did.

Isn’t it refreshing that a couple planning their wedding can find room for a guy who was arrested after calling 911 and telling the dispatcher to send help for his ex-girlfriend after a drunken fight? The easy way out would be for the wedding planner to ax Oden and say it wouldn’t be the best look to have a guy facing an ugly domestic violence charge at the wedding. Not this couple. Oden was even allowed in some of the wedding photos.

The good news for the wedding photographer is that he/she didn’t have to pose Oden in positions where his ankle tracking bracelet could be hidden. It was removed on Friday, a day before the wedding.



Catered a wedding today and Greg Oden was there drinking non-alcoholic beer…… #pussy

— Jacob Prarat (@JPrarat) September 21, 2014


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Oden reportedly spotted at an Indiana bar Saturday night (via @AceIzNice):




In case he needs to take a piss test because of the bail issue.

At the bar with Greg Oden drinking O’Douls, no joke. — Greg Hollinden (@greghollinden) September 21, 2014