FSU Fan With “Mark May 3 Arrests…Winston 0” GameDay Sign Stole His Sign Back From Police


I STOLE MY SIGN BACK!!!! pic.twitter.com/Ibi9bOyeez

— Curtis (@DJCURTI5) September 20, 2014

    Florida State fan @DJCURTI5 pulled off one of the best GameDay sign trolls in the history of the show by getting this sign on today’s show in Tuscaloosa, but it took some effort. Curtis reported this morning that the Tallahassee police took the sign from him. And then he stole it back. We’re still waiting on details from Curtis as to how he stole it back, but he waited for the perfect moment when the cops weren’t looking to get it on TV. Why was the sign taken by the police? This stupid rule the cops made up.  

@pkseguin17 Can’t have a student athlete name on it… Total lie

— Curtis (@DJCURTI5) September 20, 2014

He tried to warn ESPN what was coming.

Picture 1


And then it happened. Curtis made himself a hero to college football fans across the country who want to remind Mark May of his history with the police.


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