Johnny’s New CLE Apartment, Pervy CBS Camera Guy & Passed Out NFL Fans

morning twitpics


AFC North:

The Bengals will pretty much have to shit away the division title. If you can’t split with this Steelers, sweep the Browns and now sweep the Ravens (Oct. 26 at home), you don’t deserve to win the division. You deserve a wild card and another shit playoff performance from Dalton, leading to another early exit. This division is garbage…take advantage while you can. Six of the Bengals next eight games are at home.

Stratosphere Truck Guy:

I told you yesterday about the guy who ran through the front doors of the Strat. Come to find out he just wanted to make the news. Here’s his decent mugshot.

Fantasy football hazing:

Look at the shirt this guy had to wear for finishing last in his league.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

BYU’s Taysom Hill now has more rushing TD this year (6) than 95 FBS schools.