Superfan Terann Releases NFL Bikini Photo Collection

This is just what the 2014 NFL season needed — a new model to carry on the tradition of a superfan modeling NFL team bikinis. You probably remember Jaime Edmondson starting this genre of modeling a few years ago for Playboy. There have been others who’ve come along like Melissa Bolona. And now the torch is carried on by Instagram bikini model Terann (no last name given because you guys are idiots and won’t leave her alone).
Terann (@tbody89) tells us she’s a Texans AND Eagles fan (1. and 2.) who is a wannabe chef, jetsetter and is into living a healthy life full of fitness (her fitness account @lvrightlkgood) and activity.
Modeling, however, isn’t her full-time job.

I own a litigation support company, so I spend 9-5 in a power suit 😉 when I’m not at the office, I’m modeling or designing/sewing bikinis.

Perfect — a business woman who loves football. So how does she feel about Goodell?

Goodell’s gotta go. I think the NFL needs to ban him for life.

And guess who made these NFL bikinis? Terann did. That’s a giant f-you to Goodell and his trademark police. Good luck litigating against Terann for trademark infringement. She already owns a company to handle Goodell’s ass. (Honestly, there’s zero chance the NFL would ever go nuts on one of these bikini models. You and I know the bros working at the NFL office use these photos as their desktop photos.)
Don’t see Terann in your team’s bikini? You can either go to her Instagram account or start following her and wait until she releases new photos.

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