The Best ( And Worst) Of Inappropriate LSU DKE Frat GameDay Signs

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Ever found yourself bitching because you make an amazing GameDay sign, you get to the campus location and then the GameDay police take the sign and throw it in a pile of not-safe-for-television signs? You’re doing it all wrong. You have to hang the sign from your frat house or wherever you live.

In other words, you have to be more like the Delta Kappa Epsilon house at LSU where officials, once again, are on their asses over this Michael Sam sign that was hanging from the house on Saturday for the home opener against Sam Houston State.

School officials are fake mad at the frat. 

The university’s Office of Greek Life, which answers to the Office of the Dean of Students, has plans to meet with the fraternity’s Zeta Zeta chapter regarding the publicly displayed message, LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard said Monday.

The banner reading, “Michael isn’t the Only Sam Getting the D Tonight,” hung over the entrance of the fraternity house Saturday (Sept. 6). On Saturday, LSU defeated Sam Houston State University 56-0 in Baton Rouge in its first home game of the season.

Ballard said on Sunday the university didn’t condone the “hurtful actions” of hanging the “offensive banner” and noted the university asked the fraternity to take it down.

Blah, blah, blah.

DKE has been doing this on Saturday’s for years. The difference between the old days and current times for the DKE’s is that the sign photos end up spreading and school officials have to go into fake mad mode to keep the liberals semi-comfortable. The great part about LSU is that being crude is their thing and they own it. Do yourself a favor and go to LSU for tailgating. Your mind will be blown.

There is nothing at all wrong poking a little fun at Michael Sam and Sam Houston State. In fact, this might be one of the more creative signs DKE has ever produced. If this sign is at GameDay and gets on TV it’s sooooo funny. Is it true the DKE’s have been classless with their banners in the past? Yes they have, but the DKE boys are owning it.

The crudest and most vile GameDay signs can be seen at LSU and they’d have it no other way.


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