Good Ol Boy Climbed Fence At Richmond NASCAR Race For Birthday Gift To Himself






NASCAR was in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday night for a race that nobody really cared about. There’s only one highlight from the night even worth posting and it has to be the good ol boy who climbed the track fence to get himself a better look at the action. Ballsy? Yes, but not when you’re some hilljack who lives his life on the edge.

Drunk Hilljack caused the race to go to caution and got a free trip to jail.

From CBS 6:

According to Henrico police, 53-year-old James R. Dennis of Hopewell told police it was his birthday and he wanted to be on TV.

Dennis waited until police were looking away, then ran  to the fence to climb it.  He was immediately detained by officers when he climbed down a few minutes later, as seen in the clip.


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