If NFL QBs Were Bald, Meet The UCLA Volleyball Team & Teen Catches Giant Swordfish



Not interested in the Packers-Seahawks game? You can always turn over to the Arizona-UT San Antonio game on Fox Sports 1. I recommend watching the NFL game. It might be decent.

If NFL Quarterbacks Were Bald (Manziel!)

Daisy Lowe at GQ party — TRUST ME!

Meet the UCLA volleyball team

Week 1 NFL TV map

U. of Oklahoma advertising fail during game

PHOTO: Teen catches 693 lb swordfish!

Anne Hathaway in THESE JEANS

Annnnnd….more Hannah Ferguson

College Football Goal Line Stick Vine of the Week

Sandwich Porn of the Day

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 7.38.30 AM

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