Drunk Phillies Fans, Erin Andrews NFL Prep Work & Seahawks Car Thief


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The get-in price for tonight’s Packers-Seahawks game is $200 on Stubhub. That seems low considering how I’m constantly beaten over the head by news of how rabid the 12th Man is about his/her Seahawks football. The same thing that’s happening to college football is happening to the NFL. You and I would rather watch the games at home. The get-in price for Sunday’s Raiders-Jets game is just $55. Carolina-Tampa is even cheaper — $30! Thinking of going to see the Bengals, picked by some to go to the Super Bowl, play their home opener on September 14? Just $39.

Numbers from @FO_ScottKacsmar:

Ben Roethlisberger & Joe Flacco are a combined 28-2 against the Browns. Andy Dalton is 4-2 with the worst stats of the three.

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