19-Year-Old Seahawks Cheerleader Christian Is Back For Year Two


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You probably remember the story of Seahawks cheerleader Christian Fernandez. She made the 2013 Sea Gals team as an 18 year old who was still in high school. Then she went out and became a Super Bowl champion cheerleader in her first season. Now 19, @SeaGalChristian is back for another title run. What were you doing at 19? Holding the Super Bowl trophy and working on your second year as an NFL cheerleader? Doubt it.

Let’s see what else is now on her resume:

• Danced at MetLife during the Super Bowl

• Danced during the Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime performance

• June 2015 Sea Gals Girl

I’ll admit that I was skeptical of the Seahawks signing a teen cheerleader to the team. The Patriots went through this years ago and it ended up being a disaster with a cheerleader going anti-semite while writing graffiti on a friend. 

Fernandez, from what we can tell, has been a model citizen. She’s a Communications major at the University of Washington and is so trusted by Sea Gals brass that they let her meet Macklemore. What more can she do in her second year as a Sea Gals cheerleader? I can’t remember there ever being a teen NFL cheerleader who won back-to-back Super Bowl tittles.

She doesn’t turn 20 until April.

[Sea Gals – Christian]

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