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Pam Anderson Is A Mess, Jared Lorenzen’s Food Addiction & Don Sterling Is Gay?



Preseason NFL. High school football on ESPNU. Baseball. Basketball. Soccer on the SEC Network. Boxing. Racing. Golf. Tennis. If you can’t find something to watch today, you’re hopeless. Even lesbians will be able to catch WNBA action. It’s an insane Friday in sports.


WTF! Pam Anderson is all messed up

Bombshell! Don Sterling is gay?

Erin Andrews gets called out for being product shill

Great story on the legend of Jared Lorenzen

NFL Fan Maps…including where Cowboys fans reside

Rory bought this Miami condo for $2 million

Paris Hilton in a white bikini for you freaks

Trust me: Meet Tigers fan Kelsie Feller

Stephen A. Smith Porn of the Day

Burrito Porn of the Day

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.23.10 AM

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