Jayson Werth Phillies Fan Attacks Guy At Chinese Restaurant For Not Giving Him A Light For His Smoke

I made GIFs of the police video because the cops aren’t very good at editing. I know you guys don’t have three minutes of free time to watch nonsense.
Here’s what we know about the case of Jayson Werth Phillies fan attacking some dude at the Lucky Garden Chinese in Philadelphia. Werth walks into this place and asks for a light. Guy standing against the window says “no” or just ignores Werth. The other other person in the place gives him a light, but Werth didn’t like that he was disrespected.
Werth walks outside and that’s where the top GIF picks up the action. He comes in with intentions of ending the match right then and there. Shit gets real real.
According to CBS Philly:

Moments later, the suspect returned to the store and sucker-punched the victim. As the suspect continued to assault the victim, a second suspect walked into the store and reached into the victim’s pants and stole his wallet, which contained identification and $300 in cash.
After taking the victim’s wallet, both suspects ran out of the store.

All this went down at 11:30 on a Tuesday night.
The lesson here is that your ass should never be hanging out at the Lucky Garden after dark. I don’t care if it’s the best Chinese in town. It’s not worth getting your ass lit up by Werth fan. Go to the part of town where you’re not going to get your ass beat and eat shitty Chinese. It’s all the same anyway. They’re all serving you cat.

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