Illinois Coach Tim Beckman Seems Excited For The Season




When Tim Beckman gets a football season boner, it looks like a giant growth coming out of his practice coat and looks like a fist. Holy shit.

Big Ten Network’s¬†@BTNTomDienhart¬†captioned this one:

Tim Beckman is as hands-on as any head coach, working extensively with the CBs for

Buried the lead, bro.

You’d probably have a boner, too, if your AD scheduled Youngstown State and Western Kentucky to start the season. Helloooooo 2-0! The AD was also able to get Texas State to come to town. It’s now or never for Becks. He has seven home games, including Purdue, so there are at least four wins. It might just be a bowl season for Becks and his boys.

I’d be boned up, too.



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