Kim DeJesus Had A Pretty Fun Night In Chicago

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It’s no secret that everyone here at BC has been in love with Kim DeJesus for the last couple of years. Joe Student was practically going to prison for stalking her on Twitter. I started to forget about her until my old buddy Big Gay Rich sent word that I might want to check out her IG account. He mentioned something about there being a video from last night that I would appreciate.
And the guy, as he has been over and over through the years, was absolutely correct.
I think someone might’ve had a little too much to drink at the Cubs game. Why was she at the Cubs game while David, who plays for the Rays, rehabs a fractured wrist? I have no idea and couldn’t care less. Her bio says that Chicago is her hometown. It also happens to be the best city in the world to drink during the summer. You add it all up and Kim had herself a night.
There is also no explanation on how Jim McMahon ended up part of the evening, but if I know anything about Jimmy McMahon it’s that he likes to have a couple of pops when he goes out. Maybe he¬†went beer for beer with Kim and things got crazy.
[Kim DeJesus – IG]



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