Pool Shark Loree Jones Shoots Ball Off Dabo Swinney's Mouth

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I keep saying that these Big 5 conference coaches have no choice but to one-up each other with crazy Vines, Insty videos, stunts like riding into practice on a horse like Brian Kelly or letting a hall of fame pool shark named Loree Jones make a trick shot via shooting a ball off your mouth. So Clemson’s Dabo Swinney stepped up. This is what you have to do to keep up with Richt or Spurrier. You have to get creative because recruits like to see their future coach go viral.
Via Clemson IG:

If you don’t know who Loree Jones is, look her up. She’s only won everything there is to win in professional billiards. She’s also a Clemson fan. See what she did today with Coach Swinney. #ClemsonFamily

Clemson knows this video will end up on Bleacher, For the Win, Busted Coverage, Huffington, etc. It’s just another recruiting tool in the war against hot coaches like Kliff Kingsbury and Nick Saban. You do what you have to do. Clemson has been crushing the viral Instagram video game. Remember the mannequin video?
Read the caption. If your coach isn’t a bro, he’s not getting recruits. Dabo is one of the boys.

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