My New Goal: Drink A Beer With This Cubs Grandpa

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First of all, helluva crowd at Wrigley tonight for a big game against the Brewers. They’re really packing them in these days. Second, helluva catch by grandpa. Grandma is jacked up. After all these years of Paul wanting to sit in the bleachers, he finally got her a ball via a Mark Reynolds home run….AND HE JUST THREW LAUNCHED IT BACK ON THE FIELD!

And you guys would destroy me if I didn’t address grandpa tucking in the jersey.

That’s just a different era kinda thing right there. He’s not cool with being sloppy like you 18-35 year old idiots. Paul likes to present himself with class at the ballpark.

$100 says this guy will drink your ass under the table and shots guns. Just has that kind of intensity about him.